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Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Healthcare Providers

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A Self-Paced Online Course
Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment in Practice for Healthcare Providers

Overview or Summary of training

Increasingly, future health care providers are being educated on how to detect substance use among the general population, how to identify the risk level and how to intervene accordingly. However, substance use-related screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) has not been fully implemented in health care settings.  This program provides information about each component of SBIRT and motivational interviewing strategies used to promote health behavior change. 

  • The Module Details

    Module 0: Introduction and Overview (5 minutes)

    Module 1: What is SBIRT? (10 minutes)

    This module provides a brief overview of the screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment program, called SBIRT. It defines key concepts, explains the importance of these clinical strategies, and suggests how SBIRT can best be integrated into practice settings.

    Module 2: Motivational Interviewing and OARS (20 minutes)

    Motivational interviewing (MI) is an effective approach to facilitate behavior change. This module covers the four processes of MI, from engaging, focusing, evoking, to planning. Key tools for motivational interviewing are explored, specifically the OARS, an acronym meaning open ended questions, affirmations, reflections, and summaries. The OARS skills provide the foundation to a motivational spirit.

    Module 3: Screening (20 minutes)

    This module focuses on screening measures and the screening process for alcohol and other drug use. Patient education normalizes the screening process, or patients should know that asking questions about alcohol and drug use is a standard part of quality health care.

    Module 4: Brief Intervention (20 minutes)

    A brief intervention is a motivational, awareness-raising, shared agenda-setting conversation with a patient whose substance use puts them at risk, that is any level of substance use that increases this risk of harm to their health or well-being or that increases the risk of harm to others. This module presents the Brief Negotiated Interview. This evidence-based model of brief intervention has been implemented effectively in professional and community settings.

    Module 5: Referral to Treatment (20 minutes)

    Many patients do not either accept or receive the treatment they need. It is important for skilled healthcare providers to know how to motivate referral to treatment and acceptance of treatment for those at-risk because of substance use, and in particular those who could benefit from specialty treatment should receive that treatment. This module presents evidence-based strategies to remove barriers to treatment, emphasizing the importance of using motivational interviewing skills to encourage acceptance of a referral to treatment.

    Module 6: Observing and Evaluating a Healthcare Provider (20 minutes)

    This module provides the opportunity to use the SBIRT Proficiency Checklist. Watch a skilled provider in a conversation with a patient, then test your observation skills in evaluating a healthcare provider in action. See how the SBIRT Proficiency Checklist is used in providing feedback to the provider.


    *Total training: approximately 2 hours

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    Name:  Deborah S. Finnell

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  • Continuing Education

    To receive contact hours, you must complete the entire program.  At the end of the program, and after completing the evaluation, you will be able to download a certificate stating the contact hours for this program.

    This 1.9 contact hour Educational Activity is provided by The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing.  Contact hours will be awarded for this Educational Activity until April 29, 2020.

    The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing takes responsibility for the content, quality, and scientific integrity of this CNE activity.

  • Other Information

    The planning committee and program faculty report that they do not have financial relationships with companies providing program funding and/or manufacturers of any commercial products they discuss in the program.

    This educational activity has not received any form of commercial support.

    The program faculty has indicated that they do not intend to discuss off-label use of products in this activity.

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