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A Self-Paced Online Course
Supporting Professional Advancement in Nursing (SPAN) Program


The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing's Supporting Professional Advancement in Nursing (SPAN) Program is pleased to present our Balance and PATH online module series. The series is specifically designed for new graduate registered nurses participating in the SPAN Program. We created the Balance modules to provide guidance for balancing work, family, career, and graduate school while addressing professional practice issues. The PATH modules review and reinforce concepts that are of the utmost importance to novice registered nurses. Module topics include professional practice, quality and safety in the workplace, communication and conflict management, ethical decision-making and leadership, and advanced roles in nursing.

The Format

There are nine self-paced, online learning modules: four Balance modules and five PATH modules. Upon graduation from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, SPAN Program Participants receive a portfolio containing accompanying worksheets that are referenced throughout the Balance modules.

  • Overall Training Details

    SPAN Program participants may complete these modules at their own pace. Participants will have access to the modules for the entire time they are enrolled in the SPAN Program, and can begin with either the Balance or PATH modules. We recommend beginning with the first module in each series and progressing in order. In many instances, the content of later modules builds on concepts introduced previously, however, the participant may progress through the online learning series in any order they choose.

  • The Modules

    Balance Module 1: Work-life Balance

    This module compares work-life balance with fitness and explores and working toward achieving harmony in life.

    Balance Module 2: Setting Goals

    This module explains how to identify goals that will help delineate ideas of personal and professional success.

    Balance Module 3: Organization and Time Management

    This module demonstrates tools and organizational strategies to manage tasks and schedules.

    Balance Module 4: Tools and Documents for Career Progression

    This module discusses how to create professional portfolios, development plans, CVs, resumes, and cover letters and the importance of these items to a career in nursing.

    PATH Module 1: The Professional Practice of Nursing

    This module reviews accountability for decisions made in nursing practice, practice competency, and the rolls of both peer review and scholarship in nursing.

    PATH Module 2: Quality and Safety in the Workplace

    This module reviews concepts such as culture of safety, errors of omission, nurse-sensitive indicators, the QSEN model, performance improvement, evidence-based practice and the role of research in nursing.

    PATH Module 3: Communication and Conflict Management

    This module discusses communication and workplace conflict in nursing settings, and includes topics such as crucial conversations and interdisciplinary collaboration.

    PATH Modules 4: Ethical Decisions

    This module focuses on ethical decision-making in nursing practice and includes topics such as the American Nursing Association Code of Ethics, ethical use of technology in the workplace, and the role of advocacy in nursing.

    PATH Module 5: Leadership and Advanced Roles in Nursing

    This modules goes into detail on topics such as leadership and management, delegation, becoming charge nurse, obtaining specialty certifications and advanced roles within nursing.


Self-paced, Online Learning Modules

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