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Policy and Politics for Healthcare Professionals


Examine the political process relevant from healthcare perspective in this introductory course. This course prepares health professionals to take active roles in policy development and patient, community, systems, and organizational advocacy. Learn to navigate and negotiate political systems while developing the basic tools for political involvement. Opportunities exist for practical experiences in advocacy. 

  • Objectives

    Participants will learn to:

    • Describe the differences between politics and healthcare policy
    • Describe terms used in the political process
    • Identify and research current legislative issues as they flow through the legislative process
    • Critique the governing process
    • Breakdown how a bill  transforms from its original form into a piece of legislation that gets voted upon
    • Describe how healthcare professionals can impact the legislative process
    • Articulate or relate to healthcare leaders who are able to impact the legislative process while advocating for their profession, individuals, and the community
    • Experience the legislative process and actual governing at a local and state level
  • What to Expect

    Although this course is offered online, it may call upon participants to partake in the legislative process at the local, state, or national level. This may consist of field trips, interviews, etc. 

  • Faculty

    Rosemary Mortimer, MSN, RN


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