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The role of clinical preceptors and faculty is integral to the success of future nurses. These online learning modules are designed to develop and improve teaching and mentoring skills of clinical faculty and preceptors.  Our goal is to significantly increase the number of qualified and trained preceptors to meet the growing need for qualified nurses.  

Online format makes the program acceptable to all regions of Maryland and beyond, allowing for collaboration from our rural nursing education programs and community hospitals. 

Modules are designed to prepare preceptors and clinical faculty for mentorship and training. 

Improve your teaching and mentoring skills in a self-paced learning environment

  • Courses are Online and Accessible 24/7
  • Over 9 hours of training available
  • Flexible Registration- Register for 1 module ($10) or all 9 ($80)
  • Modules

    Module 1: Foundations of Precepting--What’s My Style?

    Develop your personal precepting style through active exploration of roles and responsibilities; models, theories, and best practices; learning and teaching styles as they relate to individuals and multi-generational learners; and challenges and rewards.

    Module 2: Principles of Evaluation--How Do I Evaluate Competency?

    Use principles of evaluation for appraisal of nursing student/new graduates' knowledge and skills. Documentation approaches for evaluation data will also be explored.

    Module 3: Communication--How Do I Say That?

    Develop an individualized plan to improve the communication styles, techniques, and approaches to conflict management that are essential to providing effective feedback and conflict resolutions.

    Module 4: Clinical Reasoning Skills--How, Why, and When Are You Doing That?

    Transform from a nursing novice to expert through clinical reasoning and application strategies that allow you to teach projecting disease processes, recovery, and the implications for the patient to nurses at the bedside.

    Module 5: Educator Challenges--Can I Help You Be Successful?

    Learn evidence-based interventions to address educator challenges such as cultural competence/sensitivity, disruptive behavior, lack of integrity, time management difficulties, or following directions from healthcare team members.

    Module 6: Creating a Culture of Caring--Can I Show You Self-Care and Being a Nurse?

    Build a healthy work environment and increase nurse retention by mentoring students and novice nurses to demonstrate self-care behaviors and create an environment conducive to trusting relationships.

    Module 7: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice

    Explore communication and professional accountability concepts to maximize student learning during their senior practicum and foster a positive learning environment.

    Module 8: Clinical Academic Practice Partnership (CAPP)

    Identify differences between a traditional and designated clinical unit model in maximizing student learning.

    Module 9: Precepting Advanced Practice Nursing Students (APN)

    Distinguish between the roles of the graduate APN student, preceptor, and faculty mentor to develop strategies for the potential challenges in meeting the learning needs and objectives for the APN student in a given clinical setting.

  • Enrollment

    These self-paced modules are hosted on our Learning Suite. If you have any issues signing up, contact us at


Self-paced, Online Learning Modules.

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$80 for all nine modules ($10 per module).

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